As an Empath I'm learning how to control I don't know how should I put ?Powers? ( how dorky oh well) I'm not very good at it sometimes but I am definitely better at it than in the past so if your an empath this is what you need to do to protect yourself!

1. Recognize

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You could start feeling sad or mad out of nowhere and sometimes its even painful (depending on your level) but stop and think if these are YOUR emotions, bc more than likely it's someone close to you and you must separate that.

2. Break Time

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Feeling peoples emotions can be VERY overwhelming and if you just keep feeling worse, take a break to be by yourself and just breathe. Take this time to self reflect and just chill out.

3. Let Go

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Even though you may want to help people, if they are hurting you , you must let go of the situation.Doesn't matter if it's your friends or family or loved one.Those negative energies must go and you have to cut it off.

4. Nature

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Being in nature definitely helps your energy calm down and just feel free!Go outside ,walk around, and just be around the trees.You'll feel much better.

5. Music

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Obviously music influences what you do so anytime you need to feel better or feel relaxed play music that does just that, and if your sad try not to listen to sad music (even though it's hard) but just listen to what can help you.Listen to what makes you happy!

6. Meditate

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Meditation is key , and honestly it feels nice to clear your mind of everything and just focus on your breathing and being in the moment.