So yea I wanted to write an article and came up with this idea

you can :
1. Read a book - I think there are lots of interesting books that you can find
2. Watch a movie - Make yourself some snacks, and just lay in your bed or sofa
3. Build a fort - Call a friend, pick up some blankets and pillows and start building
4. Clean up your room - Sounds boring, but it will be useful
5. Go for a walk - If the weather is good then I really recommend you to do this
6. Make a playlist - Find new music that you like and update your list
7. Bake something - It would be fun so why not
8. Do diy - idk find something that you'll like and just do it
9. Clean up your closet - Try out new outfits and give away your old clothes
10. Write letters - If you have an internet friend or a cousin that lives in another country then why not make them happy by sending a letter?
11. Take photos - Idk just be creative
12. Learn new language - Just for the future plans if you want to go to another country...
13. Ride a bike - If its a really nice day then just go for a ride