Hello Guys I'm finally doing the third part of this series.

Here are parts 1 and 2


Cleo Brooks

Leo or Lee

Age and zodiac sign
Cloe is 16 and was Born on the 18.4. wich makes her an Aries.

aries, arte, and artwork image

Cloe is Noahs Little sister. Her parents think that she gets homeschooled but she is secretly going to a public School to be with her girlfriend.She also goes dancing with her.

girls, lesbian, and red image be yourself, besties, and bffs image


aesthetic, bangs, and beautiful image eyes, makeup, and freckles image piercing, nails, and septum image bangs, blonde, and dp image
Leo has short blonde hair with bangs that her girlfriend Lune cuts fir her.She has browneyes and two nose piercings.


beach, girl, and summer image Image by Mary Nacca 🐼 abs, body, and exercise image Temporarily removed
Lee is short but strong and fit.


girl, makeup, and beauty image Image removed black, boots, and nike image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
lots of black stuff,black shoes and glam Makeup


plants, green, and aesthetic image Image removed Temporarily removed quotes, lol, and disagree image
plant mom,artistic,sarastic,funny,kind,stubborn


animal, animals, and beautiful image girl, turtle, and animal image
Leo has a pet turtle called murle

What Cloe likes/loves

Temporarily removed Image removed boys, couple, and couples image adventure, dark, and exit image
Lune,Make up,late night adventures

Thanks for reading.I'll do Lune next.