so if you're like me then you've obviously heard of rex orange county. you've probably listened to his most famous song "best friend". maybe you liked it, maybe you didn't. i know i wasn't a huge fan at my first listen.
howeverrrrrrr, back in may when i began to listen to best friend on repeat, i realised there's more to rex orange county than i thought.
listening to new music is a lot of effort, so i've made a bit of a guide for my favourite rex songs.

best friend:
jazzy kinda song, upbeat with vvvv cute lyrics about being in a friendzone. it takes a while to build up, you have to be patient with it. but when you get to the last part WOW you just go off with all the crazy trumpets n shit. a soft bop that i adore.

television / so far so good:
THIS ONE'S MY FAVOURITEEE. it's the most upbeat too, which isn't a coincidence. think of it as "best friend" on steroids. while the choruses of the songs sound quite similar, it's got upbeat drums, a jumpy piano and a random guitar solo in the middle. the second verse has a cute rap, and then when you think it'll go into the chorus again: IT DOESN'T. instead, it finishes as a slow ballad.
10/10, a song everyone can enjoy.

probably my second favourite. it's got this really jazzy slow intro that lasts around 40 seconds, but be patient. the song actually starts with its upbeat drums and a smooth electric guitar and the happy happy trumpets. this one makes me think of BIKE RIDING in the spring or RUNNING AROUND grass fields doing cartwheels or some shit. amazing song.

apricot princess:
this one isn't everyone's favourite, but i love it. it starts off with a good 50 seconds of very pretty violin music that slowly intensifies. then, rex starts singing and the song builds up and becomes this sorta salsa tune? the lyrics are also so freaking cute <333333333 jus about him being in love <3 the cutest

never enough:
the one is quite upbeat. production wise, it's kinda like t/sfsg, with the electric guitar and the drums. it's got a big chorus and a cute rap in the second verse. oh, and the funny lyric about channing tatum is a plus, ofc.

less upbeat, but still makes me wanna dance. it's also quite jazzy but still a bit weird. it's got a clip of marylin monroe talking about her life, funny lyrics in a rap about being socially awkward and not wanting to drink beer because it's just a "cold branded bottle of fizzing piss". just another cute anthem i love and reccomend.

know love:
this one's quite jazzy and a lot slower than the others. it's a dreamy chorus and typical a second verse rap, and it ends with a fade away. the lyrics are v nice too.

loving is easy:
this one's the definition of jazzy and dreamy. it's very piano based. the violins playing throughout makes you wanna fly but then the boppy drums make you wanna dance. a wholesome banger, A+.

corduroy dreams:
this one's quite simple but its lyrical content is very very cute. especially the line that's like "kiss me in the shower for a couple hours though we’re only 16. and sit down beside me don’t call me daddy cos that’s just fucking weird"

belly (grass stains):
a sad moody song. think of it as a being-up-at-2am-being-edgy-and-angsty kinda song. if you're like me, you might not fall in love with it at first listen, but truly is a good song. my favourite lyric: "She needs to know herself, before she falls in love again"