Hello boys and girls,<3
at this tuesday I am writing about my bulletjournal this autumn. Take a tea and somen cookies and let's start this article...

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this October my month theme is lights. I've draw some light balls with some highlights. In the bottom of the page is the big October.

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I take a lot of space for the overview of the month, because I am so good at forgetting the important termins of the day. At this page there is also my habit tracker, which I should take more seriously, but.....

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I've got a big cup of hot chocolate with 31 marshmellows in it as my moodtracker. But I couldn't find a good picture of it so this is another idea to draw little pumpkins and then colour each one in the mood that you are at the moment.

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Here you could write your to does, thoughts and notes in it. I personly love it to write my favorite things of the week in a gab like a little journal. I also write a big quote on the page that gives me the motivation to rock this week.:)


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That's it for this article.I hope you liked it and you get some motivation to take your journal and write something in it. Please send me some questions about anything you are interested it doesn't care if it is an erns't topic or something personal. I try to answer them in an article that I want to write. Hope to hear from you. Stay creative,fancy and wonderfull...
In Love, Lola<3

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