we are like the trees
we get caressed
by the sea breeze

we have nests
of people
inside our chests

we constantly change
no matter our age
everything is a phase

we are never at ease
we are
just like the trees

we are touched by the light of sunrise
while our l e a v e s fall
while we feel small

and it's a reminder
we are not an outsider

our leaves
will grow back
we'll follow our dreams
wearing black

sprouts will pop up
we're part of the hope club
here we just wish
that everything

but here we know
we'll stop feeling so low
'cause we are like the trees
spring will come
we won't feel so numb

we are
just like
the trees

our leaves fall
we are on our knees

but leaves
grow back
and we
make up
for the lack
of them

autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, road, and fall image
my name is Caleb, I'm an Italian ordinary guy that loves writing. You can find me on my Instagram: @/xappuxxino


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