It's 8:21 am, and I'm standing on the station.
Waiting for my train.
I look around me, trying to memorise the faces of the people around me.
But all I could memorise was the picture you've sent me the other night.
I smiled uncontrollably, and couldn't think of anything else but you.

I looked up at the lilac sky, and it made me think of you.
Wondering how your day would look like.
Wondering how it feels like to feel the warmth of your skin on mine.

Whenever I think of you, it makes me feel giddy and excited,
like a little girl who is trying not to be caught doing something she shouldn't.
You make me smile even when you're not really there with me.
You have this kind of power and control over me, that I don't seem to mind at all.

These feelings make me want to get on the rooftop and scream out your name.
Could we get on the rooftop together and show the world we ain't scared of its cruelty?

I just want to make you feel special, loved and wanted.
You don't deserve this world.
Hell... You deserve a much better one than the world we're living in right now.
You deserve all the stars in this galaxy,
and every other universe that's out there, waiting for us to be discovered.