Hello everybody,

how was your day? I decided to write this tag because Riverdale is one of my many favorite tv shows and I love, when I watched it, imagine myself as a character. How would I be? Who would I be friend with? So let's see!


My name would be Isabella Jones. I would be Jughead little sister( like one year younger). My nickname would be Isa, junior or Bella( but only my boyfriend would call me like that. Cute huh?) So I would be a southside girl (yes foxes)

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I would have long blond hair(because that's my color and I love it). I would be thin and short because of it's9 cute. I would have green/gray eyes (because I want something different) hidden behind glasses.


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Isabella would wear cut dress or skirt. But also black jeans and cut tops( soulderless and others)
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Isabella would wear cut dress or skirt. But also black jeans and cut tops( soulderless and others) and the serpents jacket all the time of course.


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She would enjoy life, always smile and try to see the good in people. She would be sarcastic, sexy and flirty too.


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Isabella would love hearing music and dancing on it. She would have a passion for photographic but she would also like to be photographed. She would do sports often like boxing or running. She couldn't live without food or coffee.


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on the right shoulder and on her arm she would have Jones written and a heart on her wrist.


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Well, she would be the youngest sister of Jughead Jones and the daughter of FP of course. Jug would be very protective of her and they would be really cloth and tell each other everything.


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Isabella would be friend with Tony and Betty first. Best friends mostly. But also with the other serpents and with Veronica and Archie


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Sweet pea would be her boyfriend.
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They would be really cute together, cloth and so in love. He would be very protective of her. They would spend a lot of time together.

I hope you enjoy and thanx for reading