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maggie lindemann image maggie lindemann, Maggie, and makeup image maggie lindemann image maggie lindemann image
Her name would be Luna, which means "Moon"


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She would be 18


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Since her birthday is the 28th of september, she's a libra


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Luna is Italian, specifically from Milano, but she moved with her sister to Manhattan when she was 16.


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she's very friendly, lost in her mind, sweet, caring, adventurous and she stand up for what she believes in


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She loves changing her hair color, but she'll always go back to her natural color which is black


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Her style is a mix of ghotic and punk but since she is a contraddiction of herself she wear also girly stuff.


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She is OBSESSED with cats, in fact she owns three cats named Selene, Eos and Solis

°Best Friend

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She has a best friend called Ashley but since she's very friendly she stick almost with everybody.


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Her hobbies are playing the guitar and piano, reading, listen to music (all day, no kidding), travel and drawing.


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Her interest are mythology, astrology, criminology and witchcraft


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She lives in a little apartament in Manhattan with her sister and her cats


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