Hello Babes
Welcome back to a new article! It has been quite a while since you heard from me am I right or am I right? Well this time I'm not going to write another part of the Hey, let's talk series, but don't worry! A new article that fits in that serie is coming soon (hopefully). Today I'm going to tell you a story, so take a chair, set your pretty ass down and be prepared because it's story time!

Background information

6 weeks ago I started college, and now I'm studying Toegepaste Biologie (applied biology= translation) in The Netherlands. The study is absolutely amazing and is something I always wanted to do. So I had a short introduction (read 2 days) and on my second day home (I travel by train 3 hours in total) I said next to someone that is in my class. This person is the one that this story is about. Well anyway it was a boy and it was awkward because we didn't talk and half an hour later he left the train. Yes...I know you're all wondering why in the world I didn't say anything and creating this awkward situation. In my defense I'm a very shy person if I don't know you.

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The start of the situation

So now you know how I actually met this boy I will explain what happened during the last 5 weeks...and I will start with (drumroll)
He added me on snapchat, nothing special or weird for I already had people from my new study who added me on snapchat and instagram etc.
A week went by and we only send each other a couple of snaps, but we did and up talking at some point, and boy do I need to say that he was nice to me.
During that week we also started talking via WhatsApp and he asked if we could travel together and I reacted with sure, that would be nice. 4 weeks went by and then during that Thursday he brought along two other girls and went to sit elsewhere, because me and one of my best friends hadn't enough space to sit with 5. The rest of the day he ignored me, mostly because I ignored him. But a week earlier he told... (yes, it is really weird)
Hey, I like you but I want to become good friends first and after that I might want to date you. So I was like: boy, what?!
But seeing as I didn't like him at that moment I was like sure, that's fine by me. And then he went with those two girls, and I actually became jealous of that. So during that day and the next couple of days we didn't really talk.

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What happened next

A week later( that was last week) we had a sort camp with school and would be staying elsewhere. During that week we didn't talk unless it was for an activity and he was only with one girl. My amazing friends didn't found that really fare and we ended up with a small fight with that girl. But after that camp we started again, and I had figured out that I quite liked him, but that doesn't matter anymore because what happens next made me realize that I could have better and that he doesn't deserve me.

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The realization

Saturday was a nice day, we talked via Whats app and somewhere during our conversation he was like: "Yes, I'm fine, especially since I kissed a girl" ouch that one hurted... so I acted like I didn't really care. And a day later he was like: you know you're not really my type. I'm sorry what did you say? Yes. he got my hopes up and crushed them the moment he got fed up with me. And it hurted because I thought I might stand a chance and end up having a boyfriend, but instead I got dropped once again for someone who is better in his eyes, and at the end we remain friends and I will act like it didn't hurt me, because that is the only thing that I'm good at I believe...

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Thanks a lot!

Have you had a similar situation and don't know how to do with it? I would gladly help you out!

See you next time!

Xoxo Marleen