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As we all have seen our new heartthrob, Noah Centineo has been appearing in some new and amazing movies. If you haven't seen any of these definitely go and watch them!

Warning Spoiler Alerts Ahead!

Movie #1: To All The Boys I've Loved Before

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This movie is very cute and quirky. A small romance that blossoms into something much more. Laura Jean is a shy character who studied hard in school. Not the one to get a boyfriend. But once her secret love letters get into the hands of her past crushes..everything changes.

Rating : ★★★★★

Favorite moments

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1. When Laura Jean first kisses Peter
2. The creation of the contract
3. When Laura Jean and Peter go to the party
4. When Laura and Peter become a real couple
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Movie #2: SPF-18

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Now many of you may have not have heard this movie, but Noah plays a really great character who is a surfer and biker. His best friends come and stay at a house that he is watching over and they have the time of their lives. But when you know someone so well..how can someone new be so life changing?

Rating : ★★★★

Favorite moments

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1. Johnny & Penny's relationship
2. When Johnny surfs again
3. How Noah is such a bad boy in this movie!
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Movie #3: Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

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Now this is Noah's newest film on Netflix. And honestly, it isn't his top films he's been in. Sierra is known for being a loser in school. She is very smart and an excellent writer. But when she gets mistaken for the wrong person..she finds it as a chance of being someone new. But is the right romance or the wrong path?
What this film portrays is catfishing. Which, is ABSOLUTELY not okay in any sort of relationship. But this film has some perks which are worth watching for Noah Centineo.

Rating: ★★★

Favorite Moments

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1. When Sierra & Jamey talk for the first time
2. When Sierra & Veronica become best friends
3. Sierra's poem/song!
4. Prom Night
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I hope you all enjoyed this montage of Noah Centineo movies!
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