There are so many beautiful cities to see in this world, but let us travel today to Belgrade, a capital of a small country Serbia. Of all the things you can do there here are some ideas, for starters:

1. Explore the Belgrade Fortress

Crossing the biggest street in Belgrade, Knez Mihailova, you will find a beautiful park and fortress named Kalemegdan. These ancient ruins have been occupied by Romans, Turks and many more and now it’s purpose is to tell a story of old times why you walk with your friend, family member or loved one through it.

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2. Have lunch at the most unique places

Great food and nowhere to find places. Belgrade has to offer food like you’ve never seen before – cevapi, sarme, vesalice and many more traditional cooking in modern or traditional places.

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3. See one of a kind architecture

As so many different people have lived here through time they left there mark in every place – even the architecture. It doesn’t matter where you come from, you will be mesmerized by the view.

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4. Enjoy art anywhere you go

Modern artists are expressing themselves by selling beautiful paintings on the streets or creating murals on the walls. It doesn’t have to be modern art – there is a lot of sculptures, painting, and architecture dating way, way back that you need to see.

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5. Experience the nightlife

After exploring all the beauty of the city you should definitely relax and have fun at a concert, boat party or just taking a walk by the river. Belgrade always has a lot of events going on, for example - from 2019. the famous festival Exit is going to be available in this magnificent city too.

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Belgrade has a lot more to offer but this is some of the top fun things someone who has been living in this city for a long time can recommend to you. I hope you decide to give this city a try and visit it.

Lot’s of love,

This article was written by @once_upon_a_dime on the We Heart It Writers Team.