i'm a huuuuge fan of skam and was quite mixed abt the remakes .-. but i've watched most of them so here are my thoughts on the remakes season 1.

1 :: Skam. Austin (US)

skam image
i think it's my favorite remake by far!

.1 season / 8 épisodes
.i really loved this remake bc it's the most original i think! it did change many things from the original which made it much more interesting to watch.
the charcaters are really nice and funny, i'll recommand it if you want to Watch a remake
.fav. cha. : Josephina & Shay
(developped by Julie Andem, that might be why it's good)

2 :: Skam. Dutch (NL)

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i like it too much!

.1 season / 8 épisodes
.i also binge-watched this version bc it really loved how they remaked it. the plot is following the original one, that's kinda disappointing but i like how they make the dialogues and lives the most natural it can be, it fells really real like the original one.
the characters are super cute & funny and for once i liked vilde s.1
.fav. cha. : Lisa & Imaan

3 :: Skam. Italia (IT)

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they're sooo pretty

.2 seasons
.didn't like this version as much as the ones above. the plot is the same as the original one (like almost all the remakes) & i liked the charcaters but i found it a little boring & couldn't get into it
.fav cha. : Giovanni & Sana
(just saw that season 2 is not abt Noorhelm so maybe it gets more original idk)

4 :: Skam. France (FR)

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maybe it's bc i'm french but i was hoping more from my country & did not like it

.2 season
.i tried to watch it but found it quite cringey & awkward . the plot is again the same & there's nothing new in it. still likes some characters but i really couldn't finish it
.fav. cha. : Lukas & Emma

5 :: Skam. Druck (DE)

lakeside, nature, and druck image

.1 season / 10 épisodes
.i'll be honest, i never finished it. i really tried bc the charcaters are super cute and it's the most lovely remake but besides not being very original, it was kinda childish (in my opinion?). i found it a little cringey although it's still rather cute.
.fav. cha. : Jonas & Hanna

6 :: Skam. WtFock (BE)

skam, wtfock, and skam belgium image
they're sooo cute!!!!

.1 season
.i looooove it so much!! honestly even though the plot is the same, the characters are quite different and super cute and it makes me think abt the original from how natural it feels. what i really love above all is the playlist : omg the whole playlist is amazing and so cool! i really recommand it.
.fav cha. : Jana

i haven't watch skam spain yet, i'll update this article soon

hope you liked this article, these are only my opinions, feel free to message me if you want to talk abt it
take care, love you <3

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