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music releases

debut - 19 June 2016

reverie released their debut mini-album 'dreamer' on the 19 June 2016. The album included two lead singles - their debut track 'little games' and pre-debut track 'honey'.

lead single one: little games

composed by U-Nia & Lola
produced by Lola
lyrics by Lola & Zaylyn
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a mix of EXID's DDD + Sunmi's Gashina
an electro-pop song with strong synth beats that showcased the group's strong rap line and vocals. the song described the many lies a cheating partner tells their other half, and how the whole relationship is starting to seem more like an insignificant game.

lead single two: honey

composed by Lola
produced by Lola
lyrics by Lola, Rae & Zaylyn
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a mix of momoland's bbam + red velvet's bad boy
a pop r&b song with a hint of hip-hop that allows the vocal line members' clear vocals to shine. the lyrical content is flirty and sweet, which describes the push and pull relationship with two soon-to-become lovers.

daydream - the first mini album

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track one: little games // track two: blood
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track three: eclipse (vocal) // track four: just dance (rap)
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track five: baby // track six: honey

breakout album - venus

reverie released their fifth mini-album 'venus' almost two years into their debut. the album, which focuses on female empowerment and the fleeting beauty of youth, was famous internationally and domestically for its truthful yet poetic lyrics and trendy sound. the album helped the girls earn their first win on show champion, and subsequently five more music show trophies.

lead single: join the club

composed by Lola & Rae
produced by Rae
lyrics by Zaylyn & Lola
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mix of SF9's easy love + Hotshot's jelly
boasting a grittier sound and emotional chorus, this song takes on an unique spin on the popular tropical house trend. boasting an impeccable flow and powerful notes, 'join the club' allows both vocalists and rappers to shine. written with hopeful lyrics, reverie aims to empower and unify today's youths.
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track one: venus // track two: join the club
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track three: black rose // track four: pretty
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track five: power // track six: weight of the crown

most popular title track: heaven

the lead single for their third regular album 'perfect love pt. 1' was released on the third year into their debut. it represents the start of the perfect love trilogy centred around obsession and each of the girls portraying one of the seven deadly sins.

composed by Lola
produced by Lola
lyrics by Zaylyn, Nayoung, Rae & Hye-Jin
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similar to seventeen's flower