"Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

There are days in the life of every person when it seems that nothing good happens, and it happens the other way around - you are shining with happiness, although nothing extraordinary seems to have happened. I decided to make for you (and for myself, too) a small list of simple habits that will help you to stay in great spirits more often, regardless of whether there is a reason for it or not.

1. Say thank you.
Gratitude is a pleasant and noble feeling that has a truly medicinal effect on your body. And most importantly, it requires almost no effort. The more often you say thank you, the more positive emotions you personally and the person to whom you express gratitude.

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2. Make compliments.
Do you remember when you last gave someone a compliment? Even simple sincere praise has a terrific effect on people.

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3. Do not hold anyone evil.
The ability to forgive will help to improve their relationships with others and with himself.

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4. Keep a diary.
Recording your own thoughts and results allows you to throw out energy, to understand feelings and experiences.

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5. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.
Constant self-control and the desire to be perfect force us to remain in stress all the time, even if we ourselves do not notice it.
The ability to let go of the situation and easily treat your own failures will help you learn from mistakes and not dwell on failures, but move forward.

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6. Sing out loud.
This method allows not only to restore the emotional background, but even has a beneficial effect on the physical condition of the person.
So sing it. In the shower, when you cook, when you wash the dishes. Sing.

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7. Learn to ask for help.
No matter how strong and independent we are, sooner or later there are situations that we simply cannot cope with alone. In such cases, the main thing is not to overestimate our own forces, but to direct them to asking for help from other people. By turning to another person for help, you not only increase your chances of solving the problem, but also demonstrate your trust, strengthen social ties and allow others to feel their strength. A situation in which everyone wins.

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As you can see, to fill your life with positive emotions is simple. And it is in your power to make all the 365 days of the year happy!

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Love yourself, take care of your loved ones and do not forget to smile xoxo ♥