1. this feeling by the chainsmokers

music, the chainsmokers, and alex pall image
boy, duo, and edm image

2. falling - why don't we

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

3. end game - taylor swift

4. taki taki - dj snake, cardi b, ozuna, selena gomez

Image removed selena gomez, dj snake, and taki taki image

5. on the loose - niall horan

niall horan and on the loose image niall horan, one direction, and niall image

6. she loves control - camila cabello

Image removed alive, kill, and Lyrics image

7. no more sad songs - little mix

8. back to you - selena gomez

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9. hard - why don't we

10. ferrari - bebe rexha

aesthetic, ferrari, and Lyrics image ferrari and bebe rexha image

i skipped some hindi songs 'cause ya'll wouldn't know them..

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