in this article I show my favorite brands that I like to wear or that I want to have!

fashion, outfit, and shorts image Image by Amy Temporarily removed tommy hilfiger, blue, and style image
theme, Victoria's Secret, and dark image model, angels, and victorias secret image fashion, girly, and model image model, taylor hill, and Victoria's Secret image
VICTORIA'S SECRET, I would like to have something from Victoria's secret, for example a scent or a pajama
hollister, shorts, and outfit image blue, blue jeans, and california image hollister, fashion, and shopping image hollister and friends image
HOLLISTER, Hollister is a very nice brand, I have a lot of things from Hollister. from pajamas to sweaters
shoes, fashion, and Balenciaga image fashion, Balenciaga, and outfit image Balenciaga, fashion, and chanel image Balenciaga image
BALENCIAGA, I would like to have the shoes of balenciaga or a sweater!
gucci, fashion, and style image gucci, fashion, and aesthetic image coffee, fashion, and gucci image pink black image
GUCCI, I would like to have something of gucci, for example a belt, bag or shirt
fashion, style, and black image comfy, nike, and outfit image Temporarily removed denim shorts, fashion, and shorts image
POLO RALPH LAUREN, I would like to have a polo ralph lauren shirt!
fashion, vans, and shoes image vans, outfit, and shorts image fashion, shoes, and snickers image Temporarily removed
VANZ, vanz is also a super nice brand and I have a pair of shoes from it
fashion, style, and clothes image Burberry, pink, and london image

this was the article of my favorite brands, I hope you liked it and see you again next time xxx

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