rex - have you told ur mother about me? i heard you’ve been away to discover yourself or something

corduroy dreams - kiss me in the shower for a couple hours though we’re only 16. and sit down beside me don’t call me daddy cos that’s just fuckin weird

edition - I understand you had a bad day n shit so I say something dumb as fuck and luckily it gives you a facelift

belly (the grass stains) - why’s madonna on the radio and where on earth did my baby go

paradise - and only drink beers, if you really want to and not just cause they’re free and not just cause your friends have had three on to the fourth. but you still can’t see why they would want to drink this cold, branded, bottle, of fizzing piss…

apricot princess - this ain’t a fantasy, she’s my best fucking friend

sunflower - I’m lucky to be me and you can see it in my face. back when I fucked my shit up too many times

television / so far so good - back when we spoke in Europe, I need insurance, on my emotions, I can’t get hurt again