After my little shoppingday in Leuven I decided to have a drink, somewhere small and cosy. So, I found this new little and hip coffee bar, We love coffee.

The interiour is so hip and relaxing at the same time, even though it’s small inside you really feel like you can relax. The woman who owns the place is so friendly! Honestly the most helpful and open person I have ever met in a little bar. I give her top marks for costumer service. Now she made this refreshment that seemed a bit weird to try out, but I enjoyed it so much. Cucumber and lime! Who would have thought that those two ingredients would make the most delicious drink ever? It was lite, cool, refreshing, new and most important so healthy! In hot weather this is the thing to drink and this is the NEW place to be in Leuven!

This is their website:

You better hurry and try it out!