Promise me you’d never fall out of love.
It’s okay if you hate me. If it feels impossible to look at my face without imagining to push it away, if it feels tiring and dreading to be with me. It’s okay if you left me on the other side of the door when I’ve been nothing but unbearable to you.
I would understand.
I’m difficult to love sometimes. I would do the same if you’ve been silent for days no end and exploded at me one day. I would cry after we shouted at each other’s faces, and I’d refuse to talk to you for a few days.
All that I’m asking is you’d always come back to my embrace with forgiveness or an apology. All I want is we’d never let it destroy us, these fights and fallback. It’s okay if you hate me now if you promise to be there, waiting, until you can love me again.