Hello everyone, today I decided I would be sharing some goals I’m setting for myself, and while doing so I also want to talk about what led me to set these goals.

Do you ever get the feeling of being overwhelmed by all the things you must do and also all those you want to do?
If you know what I’m talking about, you’ll also know how hard it is to be able to give your full attention to whichever task you need to complete because a voice in your head keeps telling you “you should also be doing this, and later you’ll need to do that”.

It never stops and it’s tiring, it makes working hard and relaxing even harder.

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Like so many others out there, I need some order in my life, and I need to be organized, but I also need to stop being constantly worried about the things I’m supposed to do rather than the thing I’m actually doing. Yes, there is a lot I wish I had the time to do, but – sad fact – there’s no way I’m gonna find the time for all of it.

I think that accepting this truth can be the first step to free yourself from all the constant worrying. Accept the fact that there’s a very high chance you won’t be able to squeeze all those items on your to-do list in just one week. It is not possible and the sooner we realize that the better. It worked for me: reminding myself of this led me to stop regretting what I didn’t manage to do and really enjoy what I did manage to do.

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This doesn’t mean we cannot bring to life the projects and the ideas we have in our head though. What I did was PRIORITIZING. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and I wrote down everything I’d like to do. Everything. Then I started cutting items off. Just take a second to reflect upon whether doing that thing you wrote will actually bring value to your life or not. Try to find out what are the true reasons on why you wanna do it and if you feel like your time could probably be used doing something else… well, cross it off. You want to keep only those things that bring you joy, make you feel satisfied and can truly add value to your life, whether in the short or the long run.

I believe this step is extremely important because it makes step two way easier, that is: setting monthly goals. Stretching my time limit to do everything to the extent of one month has really helped me so much. As I said, it is literally impossible (especially if you work) to do everything within one week. So why not trying to use thirty days, instead of just seven, to try to accomplish things?

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Maybe this isn’t true for everyone, but if you’re like me you know what it feels like to force one million tasks within the span of only seven days and how frustrating it is to see the failure. Now, I don’t really know why, but changing the perspective from one week to one month somehow makes everything better. Having a monthly goal means that if you really like painting you don’t have to stress and try to find the time to paint every single week. Rather, decide you’re gonna have – for example – two Saturdays out of your month dedicated to drawing. It is far easier to accomplish and you won’t need to stress about it, because you know that is an achievable goal that guarantees you that not a month will go buy without you having touched a painting brush.

I honestly believe the need most of us have in trying to do everything we have and want to do within one week comes from the constant hurry we live in. We wanna do as much as possible in the shortest time possible because we always feel in a rush, busy and out of time. Well, here’s the good news: we do have time. If we decide to keep on our monthly goals only things that can be seen as a life learning process, we’ll truly, finally feel like we have all the time in the world, because we have our whole life to get better at painting or playing or to learn about plants.

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Setting monthly goals, instead of weekly, is ultimately just a little trick to help you change your perspective and gives you the time, once a month, to look back on the last thirsty days, realize how much you were able to do without stressing and remember how true it is that it all adds up. For example: deciding to go to a museum once a month means that throughout the year you’ve visited 12 museums, which, if you ask me, is not that bad of an accomplishment ;)

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Ok, enough for the talking. I hope this article was of some help for anyone who like me want to keep things on track but at the same time feel like they need to free themselves from the delusions of over-detailed planning. In my next article I’m going to share my monthly goals for October and at the end of the month I’ll write another article to see how that went.

Thank you lots for reading so far, see you soon,
Elle ♥

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