this is for the boys. who try so hard to fit in. this is for the boys who had bottled up their feeling. this is for the boys who hurt their own feeling. and this is for all the boys in the world.

it's okay to be yourself. it's fine if you don't like going to a party. it's okay if you like to wear nail polish or makeup. it's okay if you want to be in a girl group.

don't mind what others say. embrace yourself. this is about you. this is the time you care about yourself more than anyone else. boy, you are still perfect. even when your cheek got bruised. even when you have lipstick stain on your lips. you still worth every second of your life.

know that you never lose your worth. and if those bullies don't understand you. let them be. both of you are not the same. they kill what is different while you preserved it. be proud of yourself boy.

and this is for the boy who got his heart broken because she left. you deserve someone better than her. realize that she is just a waste of space.

and this is for the boy who is in the closet. don't be shy. get out and have a bit ray of sunshine. think about how many sunrises has you missed. the closet is bullshit. a piece of shit that will just make you suffer. and if they can't accept you, don't try. it's not worth it to gain someone love when you can gain thousands more.

this is for the boy who deserves the whole happiness in this world. you are love.