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Name: Jessica (Jesse) Scott


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Long black hair, blue eyes (like Nathan's), skinny,middle-height


She appears when Nathan and his friends are in graduation class. She came to Tree Hill because of her father’s work.



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Kind, sweet, shy (but when necessary she shows her claws), bookworm


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She is Nathan's cousin and part of Scott's family.


Nathan Scott

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Nathan is her cousin. They have a very warm relationship. Nathan always looks after and takes care of her.Jesse is present on every game of Nathan.

Haley James Scott

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Haley is Nathan's wife. Haley became the first friend of Jesse in the new city.

Brooke Davis

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It is not strange, they quickly found a common language. Jesse loves shopping and parties with Brooke.


Chase Adams

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Jesse is the same age as the guys. When Chase broke up with Mia, Jesse and Chase got close. They became best friends. Later they started dating.