I've found myself in the hurting. In fact, I've found everyone else there. I've found that nobody deserve the pain that comes from words of hate not love. I've found that they don't really love you when they shot you their words as they were bullets. When they say two minutes later: "Sorry, I didn't mean what I've said to you" but they really meant it because if they didn't mean it they wouldn't do it. I've found that love is so so far from hurting, from crying, from feeling yourself like you're not worth it or for making yourself feeling so small in this big world. So far from all of the lies that come from hate. You don't love me, if you're angry and start to say mean words to me when you should be quiet because of the love that you profess that you have to me. And viceversa. I'm not excluding myself from my acts. Sometimes I do the same. But I've found that I don't really love you more than I love myself. In fact, I think that nobody love others more than they love themselves. Because if we'd do it, our acts would be totally different. I've found myself in the hurting. I've found out what I make feel others, I felt the pain I cause them, actually. And that should be a reason for me to treat people like they deserve it. Because if I know I don't deserve it, I should know they don't deserv it either.