Hey !
I hope you're good today.
I want to have your advice this morning. I think i'm not the only one to feel that an I hope than some one can help me.
I really don't like my school. I know I have to stay because it can help me to create my professional network and to leave my coutry for my studies. But nowdays all I want is to pass the door for the last time and never come back. All the courses are empty, the teachers never give us the good informations and I just feel really lost. I go to school with this special feeling that I don't have to be there. And this is just the "profesionnal" part of the problem. People aren't kind and I don't have the force or the energy to fight against child behavior.
All I have in my mind now is to leave, to run away and never come back. I don't want to let people like them ruin my life like they do now.

That's why I'm here today, to ask you if you ever feel the same or if you know how to be strong and resist in the type of situations
Hope you will be there :)

To all my little hearts
With love