Well, when I woke up this day I read an article here on we heart it about how to be happy and have a good life and so on. (I will link it down at the end btw.)
One point is, that you should be optimistic and it says

optimistic people always think on the bright side […] even in horrible situations
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I am a very happy person and I try to be positive and make fun because joy is what I like more than being sad and my environment is filled with positive people as well. But if I do have a bad day, which just happens from time to time guys, I really feel this bad mood (laughs). I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Which does not mean I am spiritual or that I believe you cannot control your life somehow.

So I read this article and was thinking about the mentioned things throughout the day. I had a great start in the day, met some friends. Then I came home for lunch and I had a driving lesson in the noon and after it, I would play volleyball with a friend.

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But then it happened. And it’s why I felt like writing this.
During my driving lesson, I had a car accident.
I was the driver and I deviated from the way, crashed into a street sign and the car overturned.
If you ever been in such a situation, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, maybe you can imagine it as well.
I am so glad that I survived. And my driving instructor as well. I just have a cut in my hand, not rly deep. The car is a write-off. It’s completely destroyed.

And it’s when I came home that day that I questioned myself why? I mean of course, if you look for the positive side: nobody is dead. But for what reason did I need to experience this? I am that kind of person that overthinks situations and life in general. I tell my friends and myself so often that life is precious and so fuck'ing short

This is not an apology for what happened or an excuse why I'd shouldn't have happened to me. I know. And I don’t say that someone else deserved it more bc he is not caring about the value of life I would never want sb to experience this! I just don’t know why it happened to me.

Maybe I needed this accident to realize something or to change something that I cannot make out now. Maybe it’s the bigger picture that matters, I don’t know. But that’s life, I think, that you experience things – cruel or awesome – and learn to deal with them.

Being optimistic doesn't mean that you are not allowed to be sad or to forbid yourself crying and being weak after bad things! It's how you deal with them in the end. It's to not let them pull you completely down - to give them a mental border and stop them from taking in your whole brain.

Sincerely, Franzi

The article I mentioned above