Hi everyone :)
this is my first post ever hehee, i made this article inspired by all "if i went to hogwarts" tags. all the article were so awesome <3
and i am a potterheads since 2007 so why not ^^
i'm sorry if my english not good enough, because english isn't my first language. hope you all enjoy it ^^

Name : Fleur Fortescue
Date Of Birth : August 29


harry potter and halfblood image
my father is muggle and my mother is halfblood too

Hogwarts House : Hufflepuff

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we're loyal, patient, fair, hard-working, and true

My Appearance

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i'm a short black haired girl with a brown eyes and pink lips, i like nail art especially sparkling nailart. i'm not make up enthusiast but i made my lips keep shining with some lipscare.

My Style

pink, aesthetic, and peach image aesthetic, fashion, and yellow image fashion, flower, and pastel image fashion, grunge, and tumblr image
my style besides hogwarts uniform, i like big size clothes like shirt/sweater/jacket with long jeans and i usually wear pastel clothes

My Personality

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when the first time meet me, you will consider me as a cold girl but when you already know me, i'm a warm, kind, funny, and lil bit crazy. i'm loyal af if being relationship with anyone and sarcastic for good, and i'm little bossy sometimes

Hobies / Favorite Things

book, vintage, and reading image headphone, listen, and music image photos image photography, camera, and photo image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image flowers, nature, and aesthetic image
i like to read any of books, listening to the music, traveling with my friends, take a photo, drawing, and go to flowers park because i like flowers so much<3

My Wand

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my wand is made from acacia wood, unicorn hair core, 14 1/4 in length, and brittle flexibility

My Patronus

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its dolphin!

My Pet

Image by Pearl Aranda Image by ∫ ˆ◡ˆ. Ângela. ˆ◡ˆ ∫
an owl named rose :)

Favorite Class

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astronomy, potion, defence againts the dark arts, and divination.

Quidditch Position

harry potter, quidditch, and hogwarts image harry potter and quidditch image Image by 👑 Image by 👑
i'am a keeper and captain!

Favorite Places

hogwarts, harry potter, and magic image hogwarts, harry potter, and food image harry potter, light, and architecture image Image by 👑
i love hogwarts as a whole but if u ask i like the hall, hallway, and my dorm ofc

Favorite Spells

harry potter, lumos, and spell image aesthetic, charms, and confusion image harry potter image harry potter, expecto patronum, and spell image
lumos, legimens, reducto, expecto patronum

Yule Ball

beautiful, beauty, and fashion image style, beautiful, and beauty image dress, flowers, and beauty image dress, fashion, and pink image
as i said before, i love pastel clothes and flowers, so for a dress a mostly wear pink pastel dress with flowers pattern

Ilvermorny :

harry potter, ilvermorny, and thunderbird image books, harry potter, and thunderbird image lights, neon, and text image quotes image book, travel, and girl image Temporarily removed
Thunderbird; Represents the soul. Favours adventurers.

Amortentia :

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a tea, chocolate, bookstore/new books, and roses

My BestFriend

Aurora Kourtney

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she is my best friend forever! she is from ravenclaw and she is so smart. we canget along because we love astronomy so much and then we have so much thing in common like love to traveling, take a photo, drawing and etc

My Boyfriend

badger, cedric diggory, and cup image
cedric diggory ofcourse ;)