Some of these articles have just looked very pretty and I wanted to play along too.

So here's my personality shown through inanimate objects and ideas!

Boy (like the lyric):

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Can't say that I would be as beautiful as either of these perfect men but I can say that the curly hair, nerdiness and sleepy state are accurate enough.. really just wanted to use the lyric


orange peonie image flowers, nature, and orange image Temporarily removed любовь, белый, and цветы image


candy, sweet, and food image peach, orange, and fruit image peach, fruit, and food image food, crepes, and peach image
If I were a food, I think I would be a cute 'lil peach.. sweet with a little kick


city, travel, and bike image
My one true love... Denmark

Color: Periwinkle

Image removed blue and periwinkle image Image removed Temporarily removed
This color goes between purple and blue hues but it is beautiful


amy, ed, and she image black and white, couple, and heart image
Temporarily removed
It has to be the most difficult thing in the world for me to pick just one song but Ed is always amazing and I think this song is able to capture my essence a little bit


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quotes, sixteen candles, and shit image Image removed
First of all, ICONIC. Second, I totally relate to the whole idea of being forgotten and being in love with someone who doesn't notice you. It's just all a masterpiece.


rain, city, and people image Temporarily removed
Being a Pisces, I am obligated to choose water as well as in love with the ocean


Temporarily removed converse, jeans, and black image music, the 1975, and grunge image book, rain, and cozy image
Definitely can't choose


leaves, autumn, and fall image pumpkin, Halloween, and cat image autumn, fall, and coffee image country life, road, and rural image