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I do another article, I hope you enjoy it! It's the ABC tag

With all the letters of alphabet, I have answer something simple. Here we go!

A- Age

Temporarily removed birthday and sad image

B- Best feature

eyes, face, and green image eye, fantastic, and green image
| my eyes, i guess |

C- Color

purple, aesthetic, and light image aesthetic, amazing, and body image
| purple, black, blue |

D- Desire

behind the scenes, black and white, and mamma mia image black and white, movie, and noah centineo image
| be actress |

E- Everyday starts with...

cafe, sunglasses, and chanel image coffee, cup, and delicius image
| a coffee |

F- Favourite show

Temporarily removed the mentalist image
| the mentalist |

H- Hogwarts house

house and slytherin image slytherin, harry potter, and green image
| Slytherin and proud |

I- In love with...

disney, polaroid, and photography image sky, beautiful, and buildings image
| polaroid photos and citys |

J- Job of my dream

megan fox, jennifer's body, and fire image heart, red, and neon image
| be actress |

K- Kids I want

Image removed stars, moon, and crystal image
| maybe, a girl who i can use similar things |

L- Last thing I ate

beautiful, beauty, and girl image birthday, happy, and happy birthday image
| pizza and birthday cake lol |

M- Magical power

blue, bolt, and clouds image bed, blue, and energy image
| the electricity |

N- Number of siblings

friends, girls, and friendship image friends, car, and travel image
| one younger sister |

O- One favorite song

art, black and white, and styles image Harry Styles, boy, and harry image
| kiwi by Harry Styles |

P- Person I last texted

kendall jenner and hailey baldwin image black and white, beautiful, and blanco y negro image
| my best friend girl and my best friend boy |

Q- Question I am always asked

quotes, drink, and miss image Image removed

R- Reasons to smile

girl, maggie lindemann, and rose image pink, neon, and quotes image
| don't ask why, just smile |

S- Sexuality

black and white, girl, and beautiful image love, couple, and kiss image
| hetero |

T- Time I wake up

quotes, tea, and fall image blue, city, and clouds image
| very early |

U- Underwear color

fashion, style, and outfit image Abusive image
| black |

V- Vacation place

beach, holidays, and Hot image Image by ᴍ ᴀ ʀ ᴄ ƴ ♪
| the beach |

W- Worst habit

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
| bite my nails |

X- Xrays you've had

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
| my hand and my ribs |

Y- Your favorite drink

cafe, sunglasses, and chanel image Temporarily removed
| coffee and special in starbucks |

Z- Zodiac sign

stars, blue, and aesthetic image stars image
| the best, aquarius |

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