I was inspired by the recent "If I were..." tag and did a few of my favorite prompts.


plants, cactus, and green image herbs, magic, and rosemary image

A bouquet of herbs.
Herbs may not be flashy and colorful but they add a beautiful scent to the air that can't be ignored, just as I have a presence that subtly warms the room.


blue, art, and paint image eggs, blue, and easter image

Especially when contrasted against pure, bright white. The deep blue reminds me of the deep ocean which reflects my rich inner world.


nature image autumn, fabric, and fall image

Solid, steady, and constant. Earth represents my ability to always be there for my friends when they need someone to listen.


japan, pink, and flowers image pink, girl, and flowers image

Especially the moment when winter is just melting into spring. The air is still cold and frosty but the hope of warm weather is one the horizon. This represents how I can some times seem cold when people first meet meet but I warm up to become a true friend.


adventure, arctic, and aurora borealis image light, night, and sky image

Aurora borealis
This phenomenon doesn't beg for you to stare at it, it simply acts according to nature. It is a stunning natural beauty.


animal, nature, and ocean image whale, animal, and orca image

Strong, beautiful, intelligent, and powerful. The orca embodies everything I wish to be. They can be strong on their own but cooperate well with others to accomplish bigger goals.


flowers, nature, and bike image Image removed

I have a habit to move from place to place. Every year I seem to pick a new country and move. Wandering seems to be in my blood.


architecture, abandoned, and church image flowers, plants, and windows image

An abandoned chapel
An old chapel that has been reclaimed by nature represents my deep connection to nature. I love living in the city but my heart always wants to return to the woods.


Temporarily removed quilt, blanket, and patchwork image

A patchwork quilt
I have so many different facets to me, like all the different patches of a hand-stitched quilt. Take your time to look at each square and you'll see something new each time.