Gender: female

Height: 5'1 or 5'2

Relationship Status: Taken

Natural Hair Color: Dirty blonde

Hair colors dyed: I have dyed my tips Galaxy color (Purple, Blue, Pink) and my whole head pink and a Wine red. //// I MISS MY PINK HAIR D:

Eye Color: Brown, but changes colors within the season to be a little greener and lighter brown.

Fave Color: Red or the whole Rainbow (it's magical:))

Fave Symbol: Star

Fave Anime: Toradora

Nickname: SMONEYYY, shaun, shaunathesheep, shoe, shaunie, and/or whatever else people decide to call me as long as i know they are talking to me.

What type supernatural creature would I be if I could be one: a vampire or a fairy or a witch

Video Games: Overwatch, League of Legends, Town of Salem, Fortnite, and/or
World of Warcraft along with other games.

Closest friends: Liz, Isaac (aka Postey), and that's pretty much it because I have no friends.

Best Friend: Miguel.

Fear: Dying and walking up high stairs.

Few of my Fave artists: Blackbear, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Tupac, and Katy Perry and etc.

Future Dream Job: Police Officer or a Psychologist.

What are the most powerful 3 words that are very interesting to me: Catastrophe, bravado, and charisma.

Do I have siblings, How many: Yes, one,

Any pets: Yes, a dog and my sister's bunny. When I grow up I want a cat but my bf is allergic so that may not happen lol.

Most Used Phrase: "AHHAHAHHA" or "oof"

Horoscope: Leo

Birthday: August 21st, 2000.

Fave Disney Movie: The Little Mermaid

Fave Character in Scooby-Doo (recommended by Migs LOL): Velma or however you spell it.

Fave Movies: Probably Jurassic World, The Notebook, The Last Song, etc (I have a lot of movies I love HAHA)

thats it for now.:)