Bonjour mes amies! Wow! I'm still around! Has it only been 8 months -- possibly. I forgot how addicting WHI was and how much I loved it as I got buried in work then never got back into it. And in my natural fashion I am currently buried under work and found this, which makes me a master procrastinator. :) I was bothered that I never finished part 3 of this and, well, now I am! 76-100. Enjoy!

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Credits to @nosarcasmhere for the options! Thank you!

76. Spicy or Mild?

food and yummy image food image

77. Literature or Art?

art, museum, and aesthetic image architecture, books, and bruxelles image
Definitely both.

78. Mondays or Sundays?

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I have nothing against Mondays, but Sundays are sleep in days.

79. Bomber Jacket or Denim Jacket?

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I love love both even though I do wear denim jackets much more often.

80. Going Out or Staying In?

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Staying in... Unless it's with someone I really love and who can make it memorable.

81. Movies or TV Shows?

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I love the length of movies, yet love the built up characters of a television program.

82. Fast Food or Cooking At Home?

pizza image food, dessert, and cream image
Let's clear this up. I can't cook for ish, but I prefer home cooked meals.

83. Sweet Crepes or Savory Crepes?

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Sweet all the way. Bonus points if they're street venues.

84. Bagels or Muffins?

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Bagels are bae goals. I'm so sorry I just said that. Unless I want something sweet, in which case, muffins all the way.

85. Jello or Pudding?

cake, chocolate, and cream image delicious and food image

86. Kylie or Kendall?

jenner, kylie jenner, and kylie image Image by Baby Troye
Can't say I keep up with them much (haha), but I'd say Kylie.

87. Expensive House or Expensive Car?

Image by stevaninel10 book, interior, and library image
Expensive house because then I can design my dream house.

88. On Time or Late?

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I'm always late. I won't lie.

89. Crown or Beanie?

winter, hat, and white image winter, christmas, and snow image
TOQUE (I was no joke actually confused as to what this meant until I remembered people call toques as beanies - I was thinking of Beanie Babies... oops)

90. Popcorn or Jellybeans?

Temporarily removed couple, love, and date image
Popcorn. (Maltesers for drive-ins)

91. Inner Beauty or Outer Beauty?

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Don't be jerks people.

92. Becoming An Actress or Becoming A Model?

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93. Travel Through Europe or Travel Through Asia?

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94. Hotdogs or Hamburgers?

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95. Being Happy or Making Others Happy?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Making others happy :D (But do take care of yourself, children!)

96. Bella Hadid or Gigi Hadid?

gigi hadid, model, and blonde image beautiful, beauty, and black and white image
Gigi all the way.

97. Romantic Boyfriend or Funny Boyfriend?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Funny. I really don't care at all if he's romantic.

98. Picnic or Nice Restaurant?

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Picnic in the park. Jokes. Picnic in the back of a pickup overlooking a beautiful view in the hills.

99. Nickelodeon or Disney Channel?

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Family Original was my jam.

100. Short Hair or Long Hair?

goals, hair, and hairstyle image Image by Sheri

Oh my goodness! I actually finished something! Thank you so much if you read that and thank you all so much for being patient with me. (Don't expect me to actually be on top of things though, let us not get carried away!) Merci!

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