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Here is my inspiration for this article:

Here are some characters that are similar to me, physically, mentally or/and socially.

Lara Jean Covey

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Although we are not from the same ethnicity, we both have long black hair. Personality wise we are very similar, I consider myself introverted, however around the right people I can open up, similarly to Lara, I have a fear of getting my heart broken.

Chandler Bing

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We look nothing alike, but we both use humor as a defense mechanism and everything that comes out of his mouth is relatable.

Sarah Williams- Labyrinth

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If you haven't seen this movie I highly recommend it,It's my favorite, it's from the 80s, and, the legend, David Bowie's in it. Sarah and I are similar in appearance and she resembles a younger version of me, she's often got her head in the clouds but she has a strong heart.

Peter Parker

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We both love science, and we have a want to help people, Peters also very awkward like me.

June Iparis

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She represents my rebellious side, she's strong and unafraid, when reading the series (Legend by Marie Lu, highly recommend), I found that I could relate to her a lot and that i would have made similar choices. Physically, we look very alike.

Elio Perlman

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the way the author writes this book elevates your soul to another state, when I read this book it felt like I was reading my own thoughts, Elio and I think in very similar ways, it was an experience for me.

Carina Smyth

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when i was younger i really wanted to be a pirate, Carina (from the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean) and i share common values such as our love for science and our tendency to be misunderstood.


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Calypso is a Greek goddess, trapped on the island of Ogygia. As a punishment, the Gods send her a hero, who cannot leave the Island until she falls in love with him. It is a curse because the hero always leaves, choosing to save the world over Calypso, and breaking her heart. This is pretty sad but a lot of the time it feels like as soon as I start to develop feelings for someone, they leave.

Thanks for reading! Sorry that the end was kind of depressing :(

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