Hey guys! My name is Marcela and today I wrote the day 2 of the tag "30 days writing". I hope you guys like it and know me better!

Day 2: Write something that someone told you about yourself than you never forgot

Well, this challenge can be very negative or very positive. I like use we heart it to inspire me and stay happy so I'll write good things because I want you have a good moment read my article!
So let's go...

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When I was a little girl I used to go to my grandmother's neighbors' house. My grandmother years latter told me that neighbors was sad. I don't know why but they were. And she told me that during this difficult period I helped that family a lot. She said that I took a lot of light and happiness to that family.

This isn't a big story about a great achievement but I like beacause is so good to know I helped some people to be happy and bring their life a little light. And I like because have 2 things that I beleieve so much:
1- Kids have the power to light and transform the ambient in something so much positive with love!
2- As important as being a good person to our family and friends is important to be good too others!

So that is my story to day 2! I hope you guys liked it and thank you for your patience with my english, I'm still learning!
Stay beautiful!