Giving birth to my twins was a challenge. I feel drained and I am full of ache. Alec isn't the mushy or super emotional type of guy, but he's been sensitive to my needs since the birthing of Astrid and Callie. Astrid is 10 minutes older than Callie.

Image by Brutal Fantasy
Astrid and Callie

I'm not allowed to go home for another week. Being stuck in the hospital sucks. Alec hasn't left my side. Rosie keeps checking in on me. Swan is pregnant. I'm excited. I can't wait to have more babies in the house.

Alec laid down next to me in the bed. He looked so worried. "I'm fine, babe. I promise," I told him. "Are you sure? The doctor almost couldn't stop the bleeding. I was so worried I was going to lose you," he told me. I leaned my head on his chest. "We'll be out of here with our babies soon enough. We have more life to live together," I said. It felt good to have him close. "Our daughters are cuddling," Alec said, smiling. I peeked over at them and my heart melted.