Take a bath

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Read a book

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Watch inspiring Youtube videos

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Kalyn Nicholson is my favorite!

Practice or play some music

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Make some coffee or tea

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Bake something

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Go for a run

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(Inspired by KN)

People with anxiety are good at finding problems and fixing them. Sometimes however we find or create a problem that isn't even there yet. We don't feel safe in a situation so we spiral in our heads and create a problem. Take a step back when you're scared or anxious. Take some quiet time for yourself to reflect on the situation. What do you need for your health? Do you need to cut people out of your life for a while? What are you worried about? Is there a problem or are you anxious about a problem?

This morning I had a rough morning with this guy I'm seeing and it sparked my anxiety. I was hurt and scared to lose him. Some of my needs weren't being met and so I blamed him. Yes he was not in the right but instead of ending things I took the day to practice, clean my room a little, call my sister, do things that kept me busy and out of my head and that were healthy in my life. In the past some of my worst break ups or family situations happen in the fall and so I think my anxiety created a problem that he would or will leave too. It's not fair to put that idea in my head for anyones sake. I get anxious because I'm scared. I need to understand and come to peace that no ones "out to get me" and that this season could be the best one yet.

Love yourself. You're worth it.