I know you can not stand it anymore, you're probably reading me from the top of a bridge and I do not know.
But before you think about dying again, before you shoot, before you never hear your favorite song again, think: I can make this shit a better opportunity for me, or others.
The fucking depression is killing me, encloses me when she wants, and the worst is that you think there is no escape, that there is no light.
But there is, in those letters of your high school love, in the photos of your first pet, in your favorite movie and those sweets you buy to kill time. There is, when a girl laughs near you; it will be in the love of your life, in your wedding, or in your travels or in your campaign to donate food to stray dogs.
It is not easy to leave the darkness, many have gone through it. I have gone through it. But, I can do incredible things with this sadness that continues in the background, sometimes trying to get out of me, for example: write to you.
Cry, but do not give up, hug your pet very strongly, your little brother, smoke one more cigarette, see the stars as when you were a child; kiss once more, laugh once more, but do not let it be the last, please.
I assure you that there is someone, even a person, who is struggling to find you, to love you, give him/her the opportunity.
And more important, try to love those little moments of light of this shitty life, because it does not end soon, and you do not have to rush the end.
Put the gun down. Get off the bridge. Go back to bed in your bed. Take a deep breath and come back to the meeting. Put on those headphones once more, but not for the last time.