I stare at the clock as every second ticks by. I glance down to my laptop which is already open to a blank word document. I stare at it, blinking. My mind blank, no words, no ideas. Nothing. I set my palms on top of the resting part of my laptop, fingers position on top of the keys ready to start typing upon the word document. I stay like that for minutes, one hour, two hours. Time keeps clicking on by. The tick of the clock position on my wall mocking me as I continue to stare at my laptop.

Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath then a few seconds later, I let it out. Music is ringing in my ears as I do this. I glance at my coffee on my side for a few seconds then make the decision to take a sip of my already cold coffee.

Finally done, I once again settle my hands on top of the laptop with my fingers position to type, I once again stare at my laptop and just stare at it. I try to come up with ideas and then deep in the back of my mind I can hear my professor's taunting voice.

"Do not be that person who believes that he or she will be able to write a paper the day before it is due"

I sigh.

Why did I wait until today to do my paper?

I glance at the clock once again and curse under my breath,
It is 10:34 p.m.

I have to turn in the paper the next day...

In the morning.

I once again curse myself, berating my self for being so stupid in to picking a morning class at the beginning of the term.

Okay. Stop. Focus. Start typing, your paper is due tomorrow.

With that in mind, I stare at my blank word document and suddenly, I have this feeling of non-stoping pressure deep inside my chest.

Then because of the stress, and pressure of this paper soon I start to type on the keys, the clicking sound ringing throughout my room and then I stop.

I glance at the clock, it is 4:56 a.m. I just literally pulled an all-nighter.

Okay, somehow I am managed to type my paper.

I quickly make a few edits then finally my final draft is complete.

However, I realize that I did not gave it my best and that the best grade I could get is a C.

I can take a C.

As long as I pass. I am good.

I am just a average human being with no talent-whatsoever.

I know I am just making excuses, but that is how unfortunately I am.

Oh well.