Kpop songs for different moods.
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blue, aesthetic, and quotes image blue, light, and sad image

➸ Nobody Knows (혼자) | Youngjae (GOT7)
➸ Hellevator | Stray Kids
➸ Lonely | Jonghyun (SHINee), feat. Taeyeon
➸ Just Be Stars | JBJ
➸ Loser | BIGBANG

"Nobody Knows
You don’t know anything about me
I am lonely and I’m alone
I don’t want to show this side
So I’ve been hiding it... "
— Nobody Knows | Youngjae

In love

yellow, love, and aesthetic image sky, clouds, and aesthetic image

➸ All Mine | f(x)
➸ BBoom BBoom (뿜뿜) | Momoland
➸ Complete (널 만난 순간) | ONF
➸ When You Fall In Love | Red Cheek Puberty
➸ NEWTON | Monsta X

"My flashlight, like the shining you
Makes the whole world warm, I can’t stand it
Like fabular, like a novel
I think I fell in love..."
— When You Fall In Love | Red Cheek Puberty


suga, bts, and min yoongi image moon, grunge, and night image

➸ Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) | BTS
➸ Matryoshka | 3RACHA
➸ Black on Black | NCT 2018
➸ Bling Bling | iKon
➸ I Am The Best | 2NE1

"Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag?
It's hella trophies and it's hella thick
What you think 'bout that? What you think 'bout that?
I bet it got my haters hella sick..."
— Mic Drop | BTS


aesthetic, minyoongi, and suga image angry, anger, and quotes image

➸ Grrr 총량의 법칙 | Stray Kids
➸ N.O | BTS
➸ NOT! | Stray Kids
➸ GO | NCT Dream
➸ District 9 | Stray Kids

"My current state, the way I talk, my actions
I know I shouldn’t be like this but everything goes the opposite way
I want you to understand me
I don’t know what will happen
Again today, I’m barking..."
— Grrr 총량의 법칙 | Stray Kids


cat, aesthetic, and cute image book, aesthetic, and white image

➸ Little Star | Standing Egg
➸ When I Can't Fall Asleep | Yoon Ddan Ddan
➸ Beatiful | Crush
➸ I Love You | Jeong Sewoon
➸ Starry Night | Standing Egg

"Close your eyes and listen carefully to my story
Before my story ends, you will dream
Little star tonight
All night, I will watch over you..."
— Little Star | Standding Egg


Temporarily removed cute, quotes, and purple image

➸ Forever Young | BlackPink
➸ Sugar Free | T-ara
➸ Pick Me | I.O.I

"Dance, Dance with me
Everybody 1,2,3
So that your hands and feet don’t stay still
Go crazy as much as you want
Dance Dance with me..."

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