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Its day 3 of the writing challenge and I'm here to bring you another article!

Day 3; Write about two memories

The First Memory...

The first memory that came to mind when I was thinking about this was before my life got all crazy. Waaaay back when I was younger (5-8 y/o), my dad would take my brother and I out for a treat. He would use it as a study break from his university homework. We always went to this cute little chocolate store in our small town. We knew the owners because we would go in almost every weekend. My dad would let my brother and I each pick out one chocolate that we wanted to try and then we'd go sit in the back and eat them together. I loved going out and spending time with my dad when I got the chance. He wasn't around much due to school and work and things have happened and he won't be around much longer so I love thinking about this memory.

small bakery image chocolate, food, and dessert image
I wish the town I live in now had a cute little chocolate shop like the town I lived in when I was little.

The Second Memory...

When I was in the sixth grade, I was obsessed with The Hunger Games. I read the books when I was ten and I think that was also the year that the first movie came out. They were my favourite thing ever. For my twelfth birthday, I decided to host a Hunger Games themed party. I used to live in family housing on a university campus at this point in time. We used all of the family housing, I had about 15 ish of my friends come over and we filled up a TON of water balloons to use as 'weapons'. If you hit with one, then you were out. The game lasted the whole day and everyone thought that it was a legendary party. People made alliances and climbed the trees, it was a pretty awesome party. It was also my favourite birthday to this day, six years later.

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I definitely didn't win the game but the party was really fun!

And there you have it, my two memories. They're kind of short but I don't think they need to be super long haha. I hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading!


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