Hello everyone! It's time for Autumn, and although I will miss the Summer, I couldn't be more excited.

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So here are the top 12 things I believe everyone loves about Autumn.

Leaves Changing Colour

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We love the amber and red leaves which make the world seem so cosy and colourful!

Warm Clothes

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We love Sweater Weather. It's officially time to put away our crop tops and wear our favourite jumpers and scarves.


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We love reading a good book while we sit in front of a crackling fire.

Walks and Bike Rides

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We love getting close to nature by taking walks or by cycling through the autumn coloured parks and forests.

Autumn Scented Candles

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We love to light our favourite candles to make our home smell like pumpkin spices or maybe vanilla chai.

Visiting Coffee Shops

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We love escaping from the cold by going to our favourite coffee shops and ordering our favourite spiced hot drinks.


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We love to stay indoors and bake some tasty treats for ourselves and for our friends.

Rainy Days

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We love rainy days because it only makes the warmth even more precious. We can watch the raindrops fall down the windows and get out our favourite umbrellas.


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We love setting up a crackling fire to keep us warm and to roast some yummy marshmallows.


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We love dressing up as something scary, watching horror movies and filling ourselves up with as many treats as humanly possible.

Movie Nights

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We love to get comfortable with our favourite blankets and snacks and watch our favourite movies.


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We love going to incredible firework displays on Bonfire Night to watch the beautiful vivid colours light up the sky.


Thank you for reading my article! I hope you all have a lovely Autumn / Fall.

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