name: leah mallian

name meaning: leah - hebrew origin, meaning "weary"


aesthetic, freckles, and girl image lips, skin, and aesthetic image black, hands, and nail polish image hair, orange, and red image
long bright red hair, pale, blue eyes with a yellow ring around her pupils


quotes, words, and run image quotes, yellow, and nice image red, sensitive, and aesthetic image quotes, survivor, and aesthetic image
extremely protective of her friends, strong, defensive, and sensitive - and she cares so hard


plaid, flannel, and aesthetic image cross image Temporarily removed aesthetic, lingerie, and soft image
relaxed but well put together - jeans, a flannel, and a black tank top are her go to - learned from buffy to always wear a crucifix


lolita, lonely, and sleepless image car, leaves, and autumn image love, couple, and hands image cemetery and graveyard image
her addict mother overdosed when she was 13, so she had to be there for her father and her little brother georgie, and grow up very quickly - however she and her father have grown very close over the loss of her mother
  • Georgie
Inspiring Image on We Heart It nerd, beautiful, and boy image Abusive image blood, hands, and header image
nerdy little ginger, hot headed, and quick to beat the shit out of anyone who's got shit to say - 3 years younger than leah

Role in the Scoobies

Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed Abusive image
always been inclined to pick up on medical terminology, procedures, knowledge, and identification - she's also a recorder for the group, she documents notes on notes every significant encounter with any demon


Temporarily removed Abusive image book, witch, and vampire image friends, girl, and summer image
medical studies and demon studies, patrolling, and hanging out with her best friends


cigarette, grunge, and smoke image beer and drink image boy, window, and aesthetic image cigarette, grunge, and quotes image
smoking, drinking/partying with the wrong people, and sneaking out to patrol and do other things


  • Willow Rosenburg
bruxa, candle, and celtic image hair and short hair image outfit, clothes, and shoes image witch and magic image
gingers stick together - soulmate sisters
  • Buffy Summers
Temporarily removed hair image fashion, cross, and earrings image Image by mack
met when she transferred to sunnydale - connected immediately
  • Daniel "Oz" Osbourne
Temporarily removed music, pink, and guitar image aesthetic, grunge, and music image hot ginger guy image
have been friends since they were children because of both their father's long time friendship - then he broke willow's heart and she has a hard time forgiving him, but she knows it's also not her place

Love Interests

  • Xander Harris
bed, delicate, and back image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed love, couple, and bed image
she was a comforting shoulder after he and cordelia split up, and it quickly became more than just a strong friendship, then when he got scared of the future and skipped town and skipped out on leah
  • Rupert Giles
couple, dance, and love image Image by Marie Clemenceau Inspiring Image on We Heart It Abusive image
after high school leah realized she wasn't happy and turned to giles for help and he ended up helping in ways no one saw coming - they're just right for each other