Hey guys!!
I haven't done an article in a while and since I love doing tags, I thought this would be fun.

Name: Sophia (it's actually my second name 😆 ), it means wisdom

Age: 17


eyes, makeup, and freckles image Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel beauty, blue, and bun image
brown eyes, some freckles and brown hair


quotes, heart, and brave image slytherin, green, and venom image
kind, sassy, loyal, sarcastic, shy (when I'm uncomfortable with people), clumsy, lazy and curious


dress, black, and outfit image wedding dress and wedding image dress, fashion, and red image cape, castle, and enchanting image
I would wear any type of dresses I would like and for when I'd leave the castle I would wear something simple as a cape


crown, diamonds, and Queen image beautiful and tiara image


Image removed book, aesthetic, and library image
Usually you would find me wandering and exploring around the castle or in the library


telekinesis, coven, and ahs image black, hand, and gel pen image
So far I have the power of telekinesis, also I can take people's pain and heal them


wolf, art, and black and white image cuteness, puddle, and puppies image fire, gif, and harry potter image Image by Mag
a wolf named Orion, a puppy named Milo, a fenix named Ashes and a cat named Waffles


dove cameron, smile, and blonde image Image removed fantasy and girl image
Angelica she's also a princess in another kingdom, we have been best friends since we were children. Caleb he's a prince from another kingdom as well. And Andrea, I met her when I went to the village to explore since then she as been my friend


shawn mendes, boy, and shawnmendes image shawn mendes, shawn, and singer image hair, Hot, and messy hair image shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image
Prince Nathan (ah it's so weird calling him a different name 😂 ) and I found each other while I was wandering in the woods, it was love at first sight


Temporarily removed boy, Hot, and guy image
His name is Kai and he wants revenge. When I was two years old there was a war between my father and his, eventually my father killed his. Kai grew up in a small kingdom full of hatred and envy of mine and now he wants to rull my kingdom.

Antagonist's pet:

dragon, dark, and fantasy image dragon, sky, and fantasy image
a dragon named Dust he causes chaos and destruction upon anyone who comes into his master's way
That's it, hope you guys enjoied it. Byeee 💕