Hello beauties, how're you?

Hopefully you're having a lovely day or night so far.

Honestly, it's a coincidence that all four are by female artists (2 by the same one), but I like that, so I'm happy.

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Top 4: Songs (atm)

actress, carpenter, and happy image sabrina carpenter and wango tango image singer and sabrina carpenter image sabrina carpenter and blue image
Lie For Love by Sabrina Carpenter
actress, blonde, and cantante image Image removed Temporarily removed actress, blonde, and cantante image
Almost Love by Sabrina Carpenter
gif, Lyrics, and music image singer, you say, and sarah close image girl, happy, and smile image gif, Lyrics, and music image
You Say by Sarah Close
girl, lyric, and music image Image removed Image removed breathin and tattoo image
breathin by Ariana Grande

Have a lovely day everyone! And keep your eyes peeled for the fourth part of this tag!