hey! well, skam is my favourite tv show - the nowergian, the original - soo i decided to do my first article/tag about it! hope you enjoy and if you didn't watched it yet, go watch!!!

ʚ favourite female character ɞ

skam, noora, and icon image quotes, skam, and noora image
noora amalie sætre

ʚ favourite male character ɞ

alone, black and white, and norwegian image skam, isak, and tarjei sandvik moe image
isak valtersen

ʚ least favourite character ɞ

skam, chris, and boy image bad boy, funny, and truth image
penetrator chris

ʚ favourite couple ɞ

couple, gay, and skam image
yellow curtains, then?

ʚ hottest guy ɞ

skam, henrik holm, and even bech næsheim image beatiful, in love, and skam image
even bech næsheim

ʚ favourite quote ɞ

amor, frases, and jonas image skam, love, and skam quotes image skam and eskild image skam, lgbt, and even image

hope you enjoyed! and watch skam ♡
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