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How are you? Are you happy for the arrive of Autumn, or are you now sad thinking about the warmth and carefreeness that only summer days were able to carry?

Either way, I have listed a series of TV shows you can mostly find on Netflix to enjoy this season as much as you can. So make yourself a cup of warm cocoa, tea or coffee, and give a chance to these 10 shows I personally selected for you!

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I don’t want to spoil any series to you, so I’ll just write a short summary with as little plot detail as possible. One of my favourite things in the world is to just dive into a good show or book without too much knowledge. Ever character is going to be a mystery, even the marginal ones, and every tiny twist will be thrilling and exciting.

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American Horror Story (1&6)

Let’s start with the classics, shall we? Probably everybody knows already about this series, but…
American Horror Story is an anthological series in which every single season can be watched and enjoyed as a stand-alone, but there are some little details that connect each series of event to the other. Another peculiarity of AHS is the choice of actors: it is usually always the same group of performers who play each season a different role. This series is considered to be a bit disturbing… don’t say I didn’t warn you!
In my opinion, the most suitable seasons for this fall vibe are Murder House and Roanoke, which are respectively season 1 and 6.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

This may be one of my favourite series ever. It has been inspired by the books written by Lemony Snicket, and I dare to say that it is very loyal to them. The unsettling atmosphere we breathe while we watch the episodes of the series is as worrying as the one we’d inhale while we leaf through the pages of the books.

Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire are three siblings who find themselves in the most incredible and bizarre adventures, always trying to survive to the wickedness – and sometimes to the outright idiocy – of the adults surrounding them. The worse of them all is Count Olaf, a mysterious man who would do anything to get the enormous fortune the three orphans have inherited from their deceased parents…

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I like to describe Scream as a teenage drama with a horror twist. I remember really enjoying this series, especially season 1, full of twists and unexpected turns. It is obviously inspired to the extremely popular horror movie series with the same name.
It is set in the pacific American town of Lakewood, where a mysterious murder brings together an unlikely group of characters.

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What I really loved in this series is the wonderful house in which many of the scenes are set. Enormous, mysterious and full of surprises, surrounded by woods and close to a little town full of reluctant villagers.
Set in a remote part of the United Kingdom, this story revolves around the figure of Matilda, a cello player who suddenly loses her beloved mother in mysterious circumstances. This horrible experience pushes her to look for answers and discover secrets she didn’t even know existed.

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The Alienist & Penny Dreadful

While both are set in Victorian times, the characters of the first show live in New York City, while London is the setting for the other. Both have a very interesting group of protagonists trying to solve a dangerous mystery, and wearing beautiful dresses.
The Alienist is a detective story, in which the protagonist is a mysterious man with an unconventional and extremely modern approach to crime and mental illness. Female characters are also strong and intelligent, fighting for their position in lives and at work in an unwelcoming environment.
Penny Dreadful is not just a show: it is able to bring to life the characters of traditional gothic novels and early horror tales: Frankenstein and its monster, Dorian Grey and Dracula share the screen, in perfect harmony… or maybe not so much.

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This series has been a bit of a revelation to me. As the next two shows, this is not a British or Amaerican production: it is German, therefore everybody speaks that language. It can be a bit of a shock during the first minutes, but with some help from the subtitles, the beautiful and shady scenery will catch you right away.
As always, I don’t want to spoil anything. Let me just say this. In a small German town, located close to a nuclear implant, a boy goes missing. Everybody starts asking where Mikkel is, but maybe the correct question would be… When is Mikkel?

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La Forêt & Le Chalet

These two series are made in France, so get ready to hear a lot of people speak the language of love… but mainly to scream while running for their lives. I chose to put them together because of their setting: they share the scenery of French little mountain villages, giving away the same odd eerie vibe. Another thing they have in common is the reminiscence of the past, and the consequence of actions too dark to be forgotten.
La Forêt deals with a mysterious murder in the woods surrounding a little, peaceful French village, where nothing ever happens… except for this one horrible case, that reminds to the characters a vicious episode happened decades ago.
Le Chalet revolves around a group of friends who decide to spend some days together in an isolated house in the mountains. The bounds they share are not as pure as they should be… and it is just a matter of time until something strange start to happen.

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And these are my favourite 10 to-go spooky series for this fall! I hope you enjoyed my article. If you are interest, my article collection is to be found here:

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