Hey beautiful people! Welcome to a new scs (self care series) article!

When a girl is on her first period, it can be really weird and strange for her. When I got my first period, I felt so, too. So I think that it's important to help other girls to feel good as much as possible in this time.

I have some tips for younger girls who just got her first period, but also tricks you can try when you are older and know the trouble with it.

Let's get started girls!

Tampons and pads

let's start with some tips you should know when you use tampons and pads for the first time.
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  • use a mirror

when you use a tampon for your first time, you can use a mirror, so that you know if you're doing it right. When you do it a few times, you will learn to use a tampon without a mirror, but give yourself a little time to learn it correctly and stay calmed, when it doesn't work at first.

  • change your tampons every 4 hours

it can be really dangerous when you don't change your tampon after 4 hours. It can cause several illnesses, and when your tampon is already full of blood, there can be bacteries and other unhealthy stuff in it.

for more informations read the package insert that is given in your tampon box. There you will find information about illnesses, how to use a tampon, side effects and more.
  • Always carry tampons and pads with you

Even when you don't have your period, make sure you always carry tampons and pads with you. When you don't take a bag with you, and have nothing else to put your stuff in, tampons and pads can fit in a bra, too. I know that sounds strange, but it's a good hack when you have nothing else to put your products in!

clothing tips

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- never wear white or light blue pants, wear black or dark blue pants, in case that you have a little desaster with your blood, so people can't see anything when something happens.

- wear comfortable clothing. Don't wear tight pants, just because it looks good. It's completely fine to wear your favorite hoodie and a leggings or whatever. You don't need to look like a Victoria's Secret model, especially in this time.

- don't wear you absolutely favorite underwear, it's really annoying when it get's dirty because of blood!

how to feel more comfortable

  • hot water bottle, tea and rest
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I know that you can read this stuff everywhere, but it really helps. Try to get some rest whenever it is possible. Avoid drama and annoying people as much as possible.

  • light food

try to avoid food like onions and other food were your body has problems to digest it. you may get more stomach pain. You should also avoid drinks which contains caffeine.

  • slight movement

I know that you just want to lay in bed when you have your period, but seriously, a little walk or some stretching really helps when you have pain, so give it a try!

  • take a bath or hot shower
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I know this sounds ugly when you bath with your period, but the world has bigger problems than a little bath with some blood drops. You can use a tampon anyway. When that's not a opportunity for you, take a long hot shower!

  • do something for you

do something that helps you to relax. Use a face mask, watch your favorite movie, take a nap, whatever you like!

  • the most important thing

girls get really sensitive and sensible when they are on their period. So don't believe everything you think about yourself when you are on that time. You will feel uncomfortable, ugly, fat and whatever, that's completely fine and normal. But don't take it too seriously.

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So that's all for now, thank you so much for reading it, it took a lot of time to get this tips together XD Anyways, I hope you found some tips you can try out and my article will help you.
When you have any questions or just want to talk or whatever, just message me, I love to hear from you!

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