Hello Hearters, so i've been seeing a lot of bucket list articles lately. I thought that instead of writing about a general bucket list i'd write about beauty treatments, products and experiences i'd like to try at least once. If anyone makes their own version of this article please tag me. Anyways let's get started.

Dye my hair pastel purple

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Try heat changing hair dye

Try hair extensions

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Get a blow out

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Chop my hair off

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Make my own bespoke cosmetics

Find my perfect foundation shade

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Try Lip injections

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Switch to oil free products

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Go to Ulta for the first time

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Try glossier products

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Discover the perfect skin care routine

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Permanent hair removal

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Try a spray tan

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That friends reference though...

If you have any article suggestions, send me them and I'll make sure to do them! Check out my beauty articles and other articles in the collections below.

- Brianna