This one is going to be the first post I publish on this site. I've known about the function such as 'write an article' for a long time, but wasn't sure if it's what I exactly wanted to do or not. So, if you read this, I suppose it's obvious what kind of decision I've made.
Short information about me:
My name is Alyona (that's quite hard to pronounce for people all over the world, but I'm trying to live with it :))
I'm 23 y.o.
I'm on my way of getting master degree in philosophy at Moscow State University. I've already have bachelor degree in sociology, but I was so obsessed with all this philosophy thing, so I decided to change my major and still not sure if it was the right choice. Anyway, I suppose I'll write a post about it later.
Here I'm going to show the world my reviews on books I read, my dreams, ideas and some stuff that might be interesting about my everyday life. The main reason I'm going to do this is to practice my English and try to find people with whom we have a lot of things in common as it's possible.

So...practice makes perfect.
P.S.The best song for this perfect time of the year: Frank Sinatra - Autumn Leaves. Just try to feel it.

P.S.x2 Photo was taken at my grandma's countryside. Such a lovely place to relax and feel your self free from routine.