I just pulled an all-nighter. It ended well, but things happened, which is why I'm home right now. However, pulling an all-nighter is easy if you just know the right steps!

Note: You should only pull an all-nighter if you have any work to do, and you don't have a study hall/lunch period before that class. Avoid all-nighters at all costs. If you need to study, cram it in before classes. Get a good night's sleep for tests.

That being said, let's get to it!

Step 1:

If you have parents or guardians, make sure they're asleep before you start your all-nighter. If one parent goes to bed extremely late, make sure that parent is the chill parent who will get what you're doing. The sooner the parents sleep, however, the better for you and your all-nighter. Then, creep to your workspace when you can. While you wait, do things that will help you the next morning, like setting out clothes, or organizing your bathroom, or cleaning your room up a little bit.

Step 2 :

Get prepared. Get a bottle of water, low-sugar and high-protein snacks, and get all your writing utensils out. If you're in a dorm situation with communal bathrooms, go to the bathroom. Turn all of the lights on that you can (if you share a dorm room, I recommend doing the opposite unless your roommate is also doing an all-nighter). Don't get coffee! It'll make you crash the next day. Unless you have to, that is.

Step 3 :

Get rid of distractions. If you get distracted easily, hide all of your electronic devices (except for ones that are needed), and close windows. Don't go on Weheartit (or any other sites for any matter) while you're studying.

Step 4 :

Start studying! I recommend using a study playlist with either chill songs (like https://open.spotify.com/user/loveglasses/playlist/5xIrdY1E1VXHFFgCDHCyRv?si=3C0Guw-RSx-nkwpy35llOg) or white noise (https://open.spotify.com/user/loveglasses/playlist/0dqoB93wyEhPBS3gpn1HUC?si=1rmXAhAtQkm7SjYa_j3XTw). You can also listen to sounds from sites like myNoise (https://mynoise.net)! These have all helped me study personally. I also recommend studying in twenty-minute increments, that way you can also take breaks.

Step 5 :

When you take breaks, do whatever you want! I recommend taking breaks of five minutes, but if what you have to do will take all night, give yourself a twenty-minute nap. But, you don't have to do that. You can walk around, you can organize your own study playlist, edit an article on Weheartit, get more food, and basically whatever you want.

Step 6 :

When you're finished, go straight to bed. Don't stay up all night (though the temptation is strong), don't write, don't draw, sleep. You will thank yourself for it the next morning, I promise.

And that's it! I'll see you in my next article (which is a food article, yummy!).